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collection of macro photography studies of
human interference with nature

The Merciless One
written by: Erin Thomas


Lay bare witness ahead of this thread
In hurt and foregathered minefields

Of tiniest men and forest resistance
in the grazed and play of shared beat

Impossible obstruction, these sayers of sooth
These monsters of truth, these men of means and artifice

Stippled naked and fought with might
But a simple compound fracture, to repair
In the darkest of dark nights

Grown amongst insubstantial muds
and suffocating bleach water
And still, she rose.
And beneath
the luminous sun.

Grit fairness awaken this head
Outside the girth and weathered wheels

Of largess woman and poorest existence
In the pain and joy of scarred wheat

Impassable construction, those layers of loot
Those beasts of cooth, those women of sacrifice

Clothed in your means and drawn tight
But for a single faction, to compare
To the locust of rights

Glows against the substantial rutts and muffled cool ice
And still, she has risen
And beneath
the perilous son.

Fit awareness has shaken the bed
Inside the hearth of feathered heels

Of uncanny glen and the coarsest stance
And the gain and coy of furthest heat

Unstoppable liquidation became a hoot
These meats of vermouth, those fibers of rice

Bound by your seems and pulled tight
Mounted by fractions, and styled hair
And the focus of might

Rows forth these financial mutts, with stifled lice
And Still, He has risen

And beneath
The voluminous Gun

Glib stares awkwards the web
Internal bounds of tethered steels

Even in then... the hoarsest chance
Will wain and stall the torrid street

Whelped introduction plucked the shoot
And again, says the sooth, that shire of mice

Found by the stream and mired might
Anointed by actions and frazzled scare
And the bogus of flight

Tows North with specialized sluts rifled twice
And Still, It has risen

And beneath

The merciless One​

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